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Noémie’s Quality

Raising The Bar

With handcrafted jewelry that endures, quality matters. A major part of our commitment to our customers is to exclusively work with higher quality materials – solid 18 karat gold, certified VS clarity and F-G color diamonds.


24K Pure Gold

Used rarely in jewelry.
Highly limited strength

18K 75% Gold

Superb quality
Balance of Purity & Strength

14K 58% Gold

Most common quality
Good material strength

10K 40% Gold

Lower industry quality
Very price accessible

We only use 18 karat gold in our jewelry for the perfect balance between purity and strength however if you need 14k you can place a custom order. Karats measure the purity of the precious metal. Some people confuse it with carats, which measure the weight of diamonds. The purest form of gold is measured at 24 karats but not recommended for the longevity of quality jewelry.


Whether you’re looking for fine jewelry with natural conflict-free stones or lab created diamonds,
you can rely on our uncompromising diamond clarity and color standards: VS clarity and F-G color diamonds. Noémie’s choice of quality ensures diamonds that contain no clarity or color imperfections visible to the naked eye.